Pools Of Blue (Like A Dead Butterfly Mix)




(lose everything you know..lose all that you ever were..2x behind the verse ){chorus : these day dreams come true .i drown in your pools of blue}.....{verses: i have been here many times before lying on the floor just thinking of before.you think i dont need any glue the only glue that ever was is you...with this pain i line inside.flying around like a dead butterfly.33 times again before how much longer can i endure ?all this necessary suffering and plight is just what you get excited by.......................verse 2.......a million floors above with a shotgun ,thats all that is.. that was fun..never again will i feel like a human im just fucked and i thank you for that..you can kiss me with your words...empty to useless then bitter now whore i agreed to be kicked down i enjoy the thud that sound it feels just like anything else i know not what ,but with out}


from Fear Of A Black Stools Planet, released February 14, 2013
Richard Trauma
Dj Killa 4 Satan's Scrilla a.k.a. The A.K.A



all rights reserved


The Black Stools Hell, Michigan

Lifelong friends Richard Trauma and DJ Killa aka "Jesus Fuck" aka "The A.K.A." join forces on an epic quest to burn churches, break boundaries, bust laws n jaws, and cause absolute aural mayhem. They vow to make the panties sopping wet and the foundations shake in the name of great lord Satan.'Along with an ever changing cast of roadkill that we have scraped up along the way' ... more

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